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Forge World Cluniacus - Background - Chapter 2

The water was at perfect temperature for a good swim. Lyll took a deep dive in the pool enjoying this weightless feeling. Finally, she stepped out of the pool, walked on stones warmed by the sun and took her towel. She sat in a comfy deck chair and took the sweet cocktail, a commissar only wearing his signature hat and a bow tie, was handing her. She took a sip of the drink and frowned. It tasted like iron… no not exactly like iron… like blood. 

Around her the landscape was slowly fading being replaced by pitch black darkness. Lyll started to panic and realised she couldn’t move. Her deck chair was feeling less and less comfortable and much more like pieces of metal trying to puncture her flesh. Still lost in darkness, she felt something wet and sticky dripping on her head, flowing on her face into her mouth. She recognised the taste quickly, it was lubricant oil from her Chimara’s turret.

She was not near a pool, she was in her Chimera, in the middle of a battle. Suddenly she remembered, they got hit by a missile shot by these filthy heretics and yet she was still alive but stuck in her turret and blind. Her ears were buzzing loudly and she could smell smoke, melting metal and burning flesh. 
Lyll sighed, she was blind, almost deaf and immobilised promised to a slow death cooked like a roasted grox. Unwilling to accept this fate, Lyll gathered her strength and despite the pain tried to squeeze her body out of this metal coffin. Thanks to the oil soaking her, she managed to free her arms. She reached the hatch above her, unlocked it and opened it. Luckily, the hatch had not been jammed by the hit.
Light from the outside poured into the turret and Lyll had the pleasure to discover that she was not blind, at least not from both eyes. She touched her left eye socket and felt a painful wound and a strange mass. During a few seconds, her mind wandered on her preference between a bionic eye or a pirate eyepatch, before focusing again on a more urgent problem, saving her ass.
She grabbed the edges of the hatch and pulled herself out. Her uniform and some of her skin got ripped in the process but she didn’t mind, she was outside. Without a glance around her, she looked down the hatch to check for Oliv and Zeth. 
For Oliv, it was to late. The missile went through him and got stuck in his chair without exploding. If it had exploded, they would be all dead. The impact only stunned them and bent enough metal to transform the noble Chimera into an old pile of junk.
However, it also provoked the explosion of some ammunition from the Heavy Bolter which ignited a small fire and wounded Zeth. Lyll could see Zeth from above, he was unconscious and losing blood still seated on his piloting chair. Smoke was quickly filling the space. 

“Zeth !!! Zeth !! Wake up son of a Grox !!” shouted Lyll with no result.

As she was about to jump back into the burning Chimera, she heard a voice behind her, a synthetic voice she knew.

“If you don’t mind Lieutenant Lyll, I think me and my friends could help you.”

Without waiting for an answer, Maam’s and a dozen of Skitarii started to open the Chimera from its side. Using their powerful tools and dendrites, Maam’s torn apart the armoring while the Skitarii were securising the Chimera by choking the fire through the initial impact hole. 
Lyll couldn’t stay to do nothing, she jumped on the ground and reached Maam’s. Maam’s was really big and heavy even for someone of their kind, so as soon as they made a hole big enough for Lyll but not for Maam’s. She slipped into the Chimera and dragged Zeth out of his seat toward fresh air. 
Lyll watched as Maam’s checked on Zeth. It seemed that their knowledge extended to human biology. She could see Zeth breathing as Maam’s was tending his wounds. They were mostly superficial and after stabilising him, Maam’s focused again on Lyll.

“You are in shock Lieutenant. You have been through a lot and the Emperor is proud. You should rest a bit now, you are safe, i assure. There is no place safer on this world right now. Come and sit here”

Maam’s guided Lyll, indeed in shock, and lifted her on a big pile of metal where she could seat safely. 

“Lieutenant, would you like to hear another story of my homeworld ?”

Lyll took some time to answer, she was focused on the group of Skitarii who were still trying to stop the fire in the Chimera. They were tall with mechanic limbs, blue uniform and gold armor. But she was especially puzzled by their grey long coat. These were heavily decorated by handmade paintings, each unique but with common symbols. And they all add the same extension at the bottom of their coat, a wide dark blue band with red trim and a red circle in the middle. Inside the circle, there was a black stylised AM with the two letters intermixed.

“Maam’s ? Could you tell me more about them ? About their coat ?”

“Of course, they are Skitarii, the proud warriors of the Omnissiah. But these are not like the other because they have been trained on Cluniacus.”


Skitarii are the infantry of the Adeptus Mechanicus. On Cluniacus, they are trained to be more than that. Following our traditions, their training is not only oriented toward military but also toward engineering. 
Each generation is vat-grown from a selection of genes belonging to the first generation. When they are born, they are sent into foster family in Cluniacus where they grew as a normal child, as normal as can be youth on a Forge World. When they reached teenage years, they leave their family and join a special training center. 
After seven years, those who are good enough, finally join the Skitarii training school. And after three more years, a new generation, a promotion in our language, of Skitarii is ready to defend Cluniacus or to be affected to any Imperial army who may need us. 
Each Forges on Cluniacus produces its own promotion, they rarely mix and they all have their specialties. Each year, the combined effort of all Forges produce one thousand Skitarii. It is not a lot compared to other Forge World, and our skitarii are not the best fighters, nor the best engineers. But they are both and they have an incredible team spirit and morals.

As you may have noticed, there is a Force Cluniacus on the Forge World Cluniacus. That’s only because currently Forge Cluniacus is the main Forge of the world. In some years, it could become Forge World Cyber’s. From now on, all mention to Cluniacus will only refer to the Forge, not the Forge World as a whole. 

The day they start their last three years of formation, all the .pprentices are given a plain grey coat by the second year students, the Ancients , who are responsible for the team spirit aspect of their formation under the supervision of the third year students, the X’s. 
After some time, a lot of challenges, trials and finaly a huge celebration, the .pprentices earn the right to be called Apprentices and to decorate their coat, they have been machined. They are now officially a promotion (still in training) and Skitarii. It’s at this point that they all received their identification code and their bionic limbs.

After that, during their formation, they decorate their coat following their will. Most of them begin with their ID code, one letter and a number on a mustard rectangle for those trained on Cluniacus. After that, a lot show their pride of being from Cluniacus, using the symbol of the Forge, a blue circle trimmed in yellow with CL written inside in yellow. 
Among the other popular symbol, there are the “Golden Key”, symbol of Legio Titanicus 133 and a stylised white AM (for Adeptus Mechanicus) on a black square.
 Everything else is a personal choice. Quite often, one Apprentice will paint something on another Apprentice’s coat to show their bound and friendship.

The last and one of the most important elements of the coat is the band of fabric at the bottom of it which extend the coat to their ankles. The same extension is worn by many Skitarii because we use it as squad identification. But whereas in most army you don’t choose your squad, they choose during their training and from this point train together. 

At the end of their first year, Apprentices become Ancients and will be responsible for the training of the new Apprentices. At the end of their second year, they’ll become X’s and will superwise with a wiser gaze Apprentices and Ancients. By doing this, each promotion is naturally linked to those below and above.
This intergenerational link is even strengthened by the number of their ID code. This number becomes their family name and links each Skitarii to those with the same number in other promotion. This is a very serious relationship, a bit like a godparent in other Imperial world.
I can’t explain here how Ancients and Apprentices are match but it involves a lot of discussions, parties and alcohol.

During their training, Apprentice and Ancients, learn everything they need to know to fight, use all the weapon the Adeptus Mechanicus can provide, pilot engines, and maintain them. It is only during the third year that the X’s may choose to specialise. They can become Sicarian, Electropriest, Dragoon rider or anything else…. 

And finally, once their training is over and after a huge celebration often involving lot of alcohol, each promotion is sent to fulfill its duty. 
Promotion from Cluniacus are specialised in assisting Astra Militarum Regiment while escorting members of Titanicus Legio 133. While for instance, most of P3 promotion are specialised in defending our homeworld. 
That’s how the 204th promotion from Cluniacus has been assigned to...
Lyll stopped Maam’s story.

“Wait, you mean you are escorting Titans ?”

Maam’s nodded.

“ Yes and some Knights too, all member of Legion 133”

Lyll shouted in exasperation.

“But where were they when we need them ??!!”

Maam’s stood in silence and just tilted their head upward. Lyll did they same and realised she was sitting on the toe of a Reaver Titan. The incarnation of the Machine-god was standing above her clad in blue and gold. Dozens of meters high, like a moving building, the Reaver Titan was waiting for its next mission. Its giant weapon were slowly moving, scanning the surroundings, ready to deploy enough firepower to level a small town.

“By the Emperor nuttsack !!!” gasped Lyll “I understand better why you said there was no safer place than here”

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Forge World Cluniacus - Background - Chapter 1

A lho stick dangling between her lips, Lyll was mindlessly watching the battle unfolding miles aways from the top hatch of their dedicated Mark III Chimera, her arms carelessly wrapped around the pintle-mounted heavy stubber.
The air was heavy with the scents of war, a horrible yet too familiar mix of iron, ashes, death and despair.

“Hey boss, we are going to miss all the fun ! Any idea of when we can go ?”

The heavy voice coming from down the hatch belonged to Zeth, the Chimera’s driver. Lyll shrugged and answered with enough sarcasm in her voice to fill a Baneblade.

“Do i look like a coghead ? Our engine is almost dead and i don’t think the Emperor would love us to explode on our way because we push it too much.”

“Only in Death does Duty End” shouted Olly, the gunner, with a pious tone, the eye on his heavy bolter visor, slowly scanning the surroundings always on his guard.

“I prefer, Only in Useful Death does Duty End” answered Lyll.

“I prefer this one too, Boss” added Zeth.

Lyll bent herself to try to have a look at their Chimera’s side where an enginseer was working on their broken engine. She shouted at him/her/them.

“Hey coghead ! Any good news ?”

The enginseer took a step back from the engine, many of their dendrites still plugged into the old vehicle. Instead of wearing the classic red robe of the Mars priesthood, they were wearing a kind of grey long coat heavily decorated by handmade paintings. Three red cyberoptics gazed at Lyll for a second before finally answering at her question with an artificial voice.

“Your engine is fixed, it has to cool down a bit and I have to run secondary diagnostics, so you should be able to go in around fifteen minutes. Just like a new ! Well, not really i can’t do magic but still in much better shape than what you had before... which all considered was not a big challenge.”

This coghead was strange noticed Lyll, well stranger than usual for a Mechanicus priest and in a good way. They still looked more robot than human and their voice was disturbing but something in their way of moving and their speech was almost… friendly. Lyll grasped a small metal flask in her back pocket and sipped some of its content.

“Hey, would you mind sharing some with me ?” asked the artificial voice.

“No, of course” answered Lyll surprised before throwing the flask at the enginseer, “I didn’t know your kind of people drank, be careful it’s a strong one.”

Grabbing the flask with a dendrite, the priest quickly poured some into a cavity in their chest before commenting.

“Technically speaking, most of us don’t need to drink, we can absorb the water we need from the atmosphere or by recycling our own liquids. But on Cluniacus, among all our originalities, we have kept the taste for a good alcohol, and yours is a good one, even if not so strong.”

Lyll looked at this strange character. She realised she was clueless about the enginseer. She thought they were all the same, all from Mars, all red, all formatted to be boring, dull and deeply in love with machines and so she asked the first question which crossed her mind.

“What is Cluniacus ?” The enginseer turned their head toward the tank commander. Lyll was sure that their dendrites were wriggling of joy and excitation.

“That’s a very good question, i am glad you asked. Let me tell you more about my homeworld”


Cluniacus is a small Forgeworld located in the Segmentum Pacificus far away from anything really interesting.
It has been colonised a very long time ago, well before The Great Crusade, during what is commonly known as The Dark Age of Technology.
At this time, a noble Explorer/Warlord called Francis Alexander Charles of Stonemaddow, duke of Lyonrun was charting and colonising this part of the segmentum mainly through the use of war if needed.

Despite his bloody tendencies, Stonemaddow was also a men of science and that’s why he decided to install a group of facilities and laboratories on a backwater planet to sustain his armies in weapons and equipments.
In his Hubris, he named this planet Lyonrun’s Farm and he left there some of his best engineers to manage the whole installation.

As Stonemaddow was requesting more and more from the Farm, it became quickly obvious that there wasn’t enough workforce to sustain the demand. So he decided to send all the orphans from his troops resulting of his wars to the Farm, in order for them to be trained as engineers and/or soldiers, a kind a Schola Progenium before they were even thought with less discipline and much more beer.
Because when you gather a lot of young persons and you train them to use their brain, work together and fight together, you create a strong link of fraternity and organisation to throw big parties when they can.

And so the Farm grew quickly and soon new formation centers were created all around the surface. A healthy rivalry quickly started between each of them. Yearly events were soon organised to share and measure which one was the best… and of course celebrate in huge parties.
But the biggest celebrations were held on two separate occasions, one when the youngest new generation ended all the initiation’s rites and one when the oldest one left the planet to join Stonemaddow’s armies.

Stonemaddow’s life finally ended during a stupid useless war and his Farm, lost in the armpit of the Segmentum, got slowly but surely forgotten. Almost at the same time, the Dark Age of Technology ended and the Age of Strife began.

Without Stonemaddow’s support, the Farm was withering and would have disappeared without a rather unexpected event.
This event was the sudden arrival of a colonial ship from Mars. The ship was half destroyed and about to crash after facing the brutal warpstorms, which were very common at this time.
The Farm’s engineers went to the rescue of the ship, welcoming it for all the resources and the fresh blood they were bringing.
Once the situation securised, the leaders of the Farm’s met the leader of the ship, a noble Princeps leading the Legio Titanicus 133 and its sworn Knight house to discuss their future.

The Princeps Phuphus had won the right to colonise a new world and was travelling with their hold full of STC and frozen embryos. Sadly, most of the ship casualties were the techpriests in charge of the colonisation.
The ship being unable to leave the Farm and the Farm being in need of new ressources, they settled easily on an agreement.
Phuphus and their Legio would settle on the Farm, giving their resources to upgrade the formation centers and in exchange all the planet would convert to the Machine Cult and swore allegiance to Legion 133.

It took years but in the end all the formation centers become nine fully operational Forges :


And they faced the long night of the Age of Strife with success, welcoming the Great Crusade and the Emperor of Mankind.
The reunion with the Mechanicum was not easy as all the Farm’s traditions mixed up during thousand of years with the Mars’ ones creating a unique entity, very proud of its originality but not very good with the official creed.


As the enginseer was telling their story, the Chimera’s engine suddenly started in a roar and a cloud of fumes. Lyll, very focused on the story, jumped slightly and watched the enginseer disconnecting all of their dendrites from the Chimera’s Side.

“Sorry, this will be all for today. Your machine is ready to roll out ! Thank you for listening so carefully.”

Lyll smiled slightly. She was starting to understand a bit better the priest.

“You are welcome. And I would love to hear more, sounds like it’s only the beginning. And you owe me a drink ! I want to know more about your famous alcohols ! What’s your name Coghead ?”

“I am known as T133CL204” answered the enginseer “but you can call me Maam’s, I have learnt in the past that our identification codes are not popular for most Imperium citizens.”

“See you after this battle Maam’s, I am Lieutenant Lyll” nodded Lyll before shouting with all the strength of her lungs “Lads !! Get your asses back in the Chimera, it’s time for you to win this war !”

The dozen of Imperial Guard who were waiting in the nearby field that their Chimare got fixed ran to the back of the vehicle before Zeth drove them all to battle.

Maam’s and all their dendrites waved at them, wishing them good luck and the protection of the Omnissiah.


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CDA CPC WH40K - Children of the Deep - Background - Episode 6

---- Exhibit Number 5 bis - Rebecca Newton's Personal Mail ----

Dear mother,

I finally started working at the mine. As I expected the work is very hard. I finish the days with my nose and throat full of dust despite my mask. The machines are heavy and noisy. Fortunately I had thought of taking earplugs with me. Joan does not have any, and I'm afraid she'll end up deaf. If you ever have one extra pair at home, could you send them to me? In the meantime, I think I'll share every other day with her. Jenny says I'm too nice but I think that's what the Emperor wants me to do.

We form a good team with the girls. Ellen manages to channel our energy and we benefit from her experience. Joan can cheer us up when we need to. Jenny is very very efficient and allows us to always do our part. As for me, well, it turns out that I get on very well with Jenny which is not the case for many people. Thanks to that, I manage to calm her ardor and we work well. She has already nearly be involved in fight several times with other teams. She's always so angry, I'm sorry she did not have an easy life in her youth.

Joan recently made us the surprise of having a boyfriend in the Delta team. His name is Gregor. I do not know him personally but he seems nice. We advised her to take her time but she would already like to formalize her relationship with him to join him in one of the mixed huts.

We are lucky to work in the main vein. This is where work is the least dangerous. There are a lot of accidents in the side galleries. We often see new faces going down there. I went there once to replace a sick girl. The atmosphere is so much more stifling in its narrow guts. The mind quickly plays tricks on us. I stayed there for a few hours and I was already sure to have seen silhouettes in the darkness several times. In the end, I felt like I was constantly being watched.

Some men are really very annoying. Many ask me to go out, to have a drink or something else ... I know what they have in mind and it does not interest me. Fortunately, I can count on Jenny to help me repel them. We really do the pair! The last one who made advances to Jenny is still looking for his family jewels. Mom, I think I like her ... I do not know what to do or if I have to tell her.

Thanks for the news of Dad and the little wolves. I hope Dad will get better quickly.

The work is hard but I have good friends. I pay attention to myself.

I love you mom, kisses.


PS: I add this quickly because I have to talk about it. Joan is gone. She left with Gregor last night in the galleries and she did not come back. Gregor says he does not know where she is. We did a little investigation with Jenny and there is something very shady. Many guys take the girls down for a ride and very often they do not come back. I talked to Mr. Clemens and he assured me that everything was fine. I'm getting scared mum, something is happening. Do you think the silhouettes i saw where real ? Can you try to warn someone? I know that Marie wanted to join me, please deter her !

---- Letter requisitioned to the mother of the deceased ----

---- Pièce à conviction numéro 5 bis - Courrier personnel de Rebecca Newton ----

Chère mère,

J'ai enfin commencé à travailler à la mine. Comme je m'y attendais le travail est très dur. Je finis les journées avec le nez et la gorge pleins de poussières malgré mon masque. Les machines sont lourdes et bruyantes. Heureusement que j'avais pensé à prendre des bouchons d'oreilles avec moi. Joan n'en a pas et j'ai peur qu'elle finisse par devenir sourde. Si jamais tu en as une paire en trop à la maison, pourrais tu me les envoyer. En attendant, je pense partager un jour sur deux avec elle.
Jenny dit que je suis trop gentille mais je pense que c'est ce que l'Empereur voudrait que je fasse.

On forme une bonne équipe avec les filles. Ellen arrive à bien canaliser notre énergie et on profite de son expérience. Joan sait nous remonter le moral quand il faut. Jenny est très très efficace et nous permet de toujours faire notre part. Quand à moi, et bien, il s'avère que je m'entends très bien avec Jenny. Ce qui n'est pas le cas de grand monde. Grâce à ça, j'arrive à calmer ses ardeurs et on travaille bien. Elle a déjà failli se battre plusieurs fois avec d'autres équipes. Elle est tout le temps en colère, je la plains elle n'a pas eu une vie facile.

Joan nous a fait tout récemment la surprise de s'être trouvé un petit copain dans l'équipe Delta. Il s'appelle Gregor. Je ne le connais pas personnellement mais il a l'air gentil. On lui conseille de prendre son temps mais elle voudrait déjà officialiser sa relation avec lui pour le rejoindre dans un des baraquements mixtes.

Nous avons la chance de travailler dans le principal filon. C'est là que le travail est le moins dangereux. Il y a visiblement beaucoup d'accident dans les galeries annexes. On voit souvent de nouvelles têtes y descendre. J'y suis allé une fois pour remplacer une fille malade. L'atmosphère est tellement plus étouffante dans ses boyaux étroits. L'esprit a vite fait de nous jouer des tours. J'y suis resté quelques heures et j'ai déjà cru voir à plusieurs reprises des silhouettes dans les ténèbres. A la fin, j'avais l'impression d'être observée en permanence.

Certains hommes sont vraiment très embêtant à force. Beaucoup me sollicitent pour m'inviter à sortir, à boire un verre ou je ne sais quoi d'autres... je sais bien ce qu'ils ont en tête et cela ne m'intéresse pas. Heureusement que je peux compter sur Jenny pour m'aider à les repousser. On fait vraiment la paire !
Le dernier qui a fait des avances à Jenny est toujours en train de chercher ses bijoux de famille. Maman, je crois que je l'aime bien... je ne sais pas trop quoi faire ni si je dois lui dire.

Merci pour les nouvelles de Papa et des petits loups. J'espère que Papa va aller mieux rapidement.

Le travail est dur mais j'ai de bonnes amis. Je fais attention à moi.

Je t'aime maman, bisous.


PS : Je rajoute ça rapidement parce qu'il faut que j'en parle. Joan a disparu. Elle est partie avec Grégor hier soir dans les galeries et elle n'est pas revenue. Grégor dit qu'il ne sait pas où elle est. On a enquêté un peu avec Jenny et il y a quelque chose de très louches. Beaucoup de gars emmènent les filles en bas, pour une ballade et très souvent elles ne reviennent pas. J'en ai parlé à Monsieur Clemens et il m'a assuré que tout allait bien. Je commence à avoir peur maman, il se passe quelque chose. Est ce que tu crois que j'ai vraiment vu quelque chose en bas ? Peux tu essayer de prévenir quelqu'un ? Je sais que Marie voulait me rejoindre, s'il te plait dissuade l'en !

---- Lettre réquisitionnée à la mère de la défunte ----

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CDA CPC WH40K - Children of the Deep - Background - Episode 5

---- Exhibit # 5 - Rebecca Newton's Personal Mail ----

Dear Mom,

I arrived safely at mining exploitation 133. We have been very well received by Foreman Clemens. He seems to me to be a good man, pious and considerate. It is he who has personally installed us in our neighborhoods. We are twelve per barrack, there are four good quality beds, better than at home. Do not be surprised b the number of beds, as we work in rotation, we are never more than four to sleep at the same time. We each have a locker to store our belongings, that's where I put dad's and little wolves' pix. I hope they are well and have recovered from my departure.

For the moment, I am at the very beginning of my training. Miner is hard work and challenging but I learn a little more each day. The instructors are not always very friendly but they know their job very well. I get along very well with the other three girls on my team. Ellen is the oldest, before she drove loading machines but after an accident she lost her license. Joan is the youngest, it's her first job. She is full of energy, she reminds me of Marie. She has not been around for a long time, but she turns the boys' heads around. Finally, Jenny, I find her difficult to define, she is quite rustic and vulgar with many tattoos. I think she must have been part of a gang. However, she learns so quickly, I try to follow her example.

I should be able to start working in galleries as early as next week. We really rely on us, there is a lot of production delay to catch up.

The atmosphere in the camp is pretty good. I think it's been a long time since there were so many girls. Many couples have formed very quickly between the new and old of the mine. I think it's sometimes a little out of interest since couples have extra rations. I do not find it very fair especially since there is this bonus only for straight couples ... no luck for me. Mom, do not get upset by reading this, I had to cut my hair very short. There was an accident with a drill and a girl from Sigma team, her hair was caught in the machine and she ended up paralyzed. May the Emperor protect her.

Speaking of our beloved Emperor, the prayers are given here by a man named Dillon. I do not really like his style, I prefer Father Gorman's at home. He seems to believe that the Emperor is four armed. I find it completely ridiculous but when I tried to talk to an elderf of the mine he looked at me with a funny face. Moreover, he insists very much on the fact that men and women must be in a relationship. I find it tiring at the end.

About the nightmares, this is unfortunately partly true. I have not been sleeping well since I arrived but it's not as bad as that, do not worry. To tell the truth, I worry more about the marks that I see on certain rocks. At the veterinary school, I learned to recognize scratches and I'm sure it's about it. They are very impressive especially for being able to dig in the rock. I have touched a word to Mr. Clemens but he does not seem worried, for him, these are old marks and there is no need to worry.

I love you Mom, kiss the little wolves for me and Daddy if he wants.


PS: Tell dad that I'm really sorry for having been fired from school.
PPS: I have attached to my letter a portion of my pay and a lock of my hair I know you loved them so much.

 ---- Letter requisitioned to the mother of the deceased ----

---- Pièce à conviction numéro 5 - Courrier personnel de Rebecca Newton ----

Chère mère,

Je suis bien arrivée au Filon 133. Nous avons reçu un très bon accueil de la part du contremaître Clemens. Il m'a l'air d'être un homme bon, pieux et attentionné. C'est lui qui nous a personnellement installé dans nos quartiers. Nous sommes douze par quartier, il y a quatre lit de bonnes qualités, meilleur qu'à la maison.
Ne t'étonne pas pour le nombre de lit, comme nous travaillons en rotation, nous ne sommes jamais plus de quatre a dormir en même temps.
Nous avons chacun un casier fermant à clé pour ranger nos affaires personnelles, c'est là que j'ai mis les pix de papa et des petits loups. J'espère qu'ils vont bien et qu'ils se sont remis de mon départ.

Pour le moment, j'en suis au tout début de ma formation. Mineur est un travail difficile et éprouvant mais j'apprend un peu plus chaque jour. Les instructeurs ne sont pas toujours très aimable mais ils connaissent très bien leur métier.
Je m'entend très bien avec les trois autres filles de mon équipe. Ellen est la plus âgée, avant elle conduisait des engins de chargement mais suite à un accident elle a perdu sa licence. Joan est la plus jeune, c'est son premier emploi. Elle est pleine d'énergie, elle me rappelle Marie. Elle n'est pas la depuis longtemps mais elle fait tourner la tête des garçons.  Pour finir, Jenny, j'ai du mal à la cerner, elle est assez rustre et vulgaire avec de nombreux tatouages. Je pense qu'elle a du faire partie d'un gang. Cependant, elle apprend tellement vite, j'essaie de suivre son exemple.

Je devrais pouvoir commencer à travailler dans les galeries dès la semaine prochaine. On compte vraiment sur nous, il y a beaucoup de retard de production à rattraper.

L'ambiance dans le camp est plutôt bonne. Je pense que ça fait longtemps qu'il n'y avait pas eu de filles en si grand nombre. Beaucoup de couples se sont formés très vite entre les nouvelles et les anciens de la mine. Je pense que c'est parfois un peu par intérêt étant donné que les couples ont des rations supplémentaires. Je ne trouve pas cela très juste d'autant plus qu'il n'y a ce bonus que pour les couples hétéro... pas de chance pour moi.

Bon par contre maman, ne t’énerve pas en lisant ça, j'ai du me couper les cheveux très court. Il y a eu un accident avec une foreuse et une fille de l'équipe Sigma, ses cheveux se sont pris dans la machine et elle a fini paralysé. Que l'Empereur la protège.

En parlant de notre bien aimé Empereur, les oraisons sont donné ici par un homme du nom de Dillon. Je n'aime pas beaucoup son style, je préfère celui du père Gorman à la maison. Il semble croire que l'Empereur à quatre bras. Je trouve cela complètement ridicule mais quand j'ai essayé d'en parler avec un ancien de la mine il m'a regardé avec une drôle de tête.
De plus, il insiste beaucoup beaucoup sur le fait que les hommes et les femmes doivent être en couple. Je trouve ça fatiguant à la fin.

Au sujet des cauchemars dont parle les rumeurs, c'est malheureusement en partie vraie. Je ne dors pas très bien depuis que je suis arrivée mais ce n'est pas aussi terrible que ça, ne t'inquiète pas.
A vrai dire, je m'inquiète plus des marques que j'aperçois sur certaines roches. A l'école vétérinaire, j'ai appris à reconnaître des griffures et je suis sur qu'il s'agit de ça. Elles sont très impressionnantes surtout pour être capable de creuser dans la roche. J'en ai touché un mot à monsieur Clemens mais il ne semble pas inquiet, pour lui se sont de vieilles marques et il n'y a pas à s'inquiéter.

Je t'aime Maman, embrasse les petit loups pour moi et Papa s'il veut bien.


PS : Dit à papa que je suis vraiment désolé de m'être fait renvoyé de l'école.
PPS : J'ai joint à ma lettre une partie de ma solde ainsi qu'une mèche de mes cheveux je sais que tu les aimais tant.

---- Lettre réquisitionnée à la mère de la défunte ----

mercredi 25 juillet 2018

CDA CPC WH40K - Children of the Deep - Background - Episode 4

******* Beginning of transmission *******

Report from Quartz Mining Exploitation 133 Drusus Mine Hive Primus Week 45

Production report and request for urgent aid.

Despite our results below last week's quotas, our expected production level has been maintained at 30 tonnes of quartz. The Administratum, in its great generosity, spares us the penalties of the last week poor production provided that we correct it this week.

Nightmare medications work. The workers who take it do not complain anymore. In fact, they do not react much to anything but they work as long as they are properly supervised. Fortunately, Dillon succeeds in exalting those who still suffer from nightmares and pushing them beyond their limits. I am however worried, I listen regularly his speeches and even if I can not deny their effectiveness I find them sometimes at the limit of heresy. In particular this vision of The Emperor with four arms to justify a better ability to work.

I'm starting to lose some sense of time because of lack of sleep. So the rest of my report will not be organized daily but only with major events in order I hope chronological.

The production of the week started well. Exalted people have well compensated for the apathy of those under medications. Despite failing to reach the daily expected quota, the estimates announced a result well above that of the previous week.

Well, this optimism lasted only until the side effects of the medications appeared. Overnight, the first to have taken medications were seized by crisis of extreme violence and attacked their comrades. Unable to allow us to lose more men, instead of shooting them down, I made the decision to lock them up while the crisis go by. 

Soon half of the workers were locked up. The Exalted did their best to keep up, but we were way behind our goals. I spent many nights praying at the foot of a statue of the Emperor to ask for His help.

To try to fill the production gap, I assigned all the staff to the mine. We no longer have any security, no more nurses, no more cooks, no more Whipguards. I myself found again the way to the mine.

There have been many accidents as well as injuries. Dillon exhorts us. Without him, I think we would all be down. He keeps telling us that the Emperor cherishes us in his four arms and that he will bring us happiness.

The brain, I can not sleep anymore. He is there permanently at the corner of my eyes. Since I joined the teams of minors, I also hear the scratches. Dillon knows how to find the words that reassures me. 

The prisoners escaped during the night while we were working. They left, screaming in the galleries, and killed each other. We found their bodies, most had their skulls exploded.

Dillon was right, the Emperor smiled at us, we found by chance a large amount of minerals already torn from the vein, there was only to pick it up. I quickly silenced the few rumors that the quartz blocks bore marks of scratches and claws, as if they had been torn off the walls.

I ended up accepting the invitation to visit the deepest galleries. It was a very rewarding trip. I do not have nightmares anymore.

Following all these events, we have almost reached our goal. However, it cost us a lot. I am enclosing a formal application for the assignment of at least three new teams. And if possible female teams, we found that they seemed much less sensitive to nightmares.

Final output of the week: 29 tons of quartz / 5 tons of gold

Foreman Clemens

May the Emperor hug you in His arms.
******* End of transmission *******

******* Début de transmission *******
Rapport d’exploitation du filon de quartz 133 Mine Drusus Ruche Primus Semaine 45

Bilan de production et requête d'aide urgente.

Malgré nos résultats en dessous des quotas de la semaine dernière, notre niveau de production attendu a été maintenu à 30 tonnes de quartz. L'Administratum dans sa grande générosité nous épargne les pénalités de la mauvaise production de la semaine dernière à condition que nous corrigions celle-ci cette semaine.

Les médicaments contre les cauchemars fonctionnent. Les ouvriers qui en en prennent ne se plaignent plus. A vrai dire, ils ne réagissent plus à grand chose mais ils travaillent tant qu'ils sont correctement encadrés. Heureusement que de son côté Dillon réussit à exalter ceux qui souffrent toujours de cauchemars et à les pousser au delà de leur limite. Je suis cependant inquiet, j'écoute régulièrement ses discours et même si je ne peux nier leur efficacité je les trouve parfois à la limite de l'hérésie. En particulier cette vision de L'Empereur avec quatre bras pour justifier une meilleure capacité de travail.

Je commence à perdre un peu le sens du déroulement du temps à cause du manque de sommeil. Ainsi la suite de mon rapport ne sera pas organisé quotidiennement mais seulement avec les événements majeurs dans l'ordre que j'espère chronologique.

La production de la semaine a bien débuté. Les exaltés ont bien compensé l'apathie des médicamentés. A défaut d'atteindre le quota attendu les estimations annonçaient un résultat dépassant largement ceux de la semaine précédente.

Enfin, cet optimisme dura jusqu'à ce que les effets secondaires des médicaments apparurent. Du jours au lendemain, les premiers a avoir pris des médicaments furent pris de crises de violences extrêmes et attaquèrent leurs camarades. Ne pouvant pas nous permettre de perdre plus d'homme, au lieu de les faire abattre, j'ai pris la décision de les enfermer le temps que les crises passent.

Bientôt la moitié des ouvriers fut enfermée. Les exaltés firent de leur mieux pour tenir le rythme mais nous étions très loin derrière nos objectifs. J'ai passé de nombreuses nuits à prier au pied d'une statue de l'Empereur pour lui demander Son Aide.

Pour essayer de combler le retard de production, j'ai affecté tout le personnel à la mine. Nous n'avons plus de sécurité, plus d'infirmier, plus de cuisinier, plus de porte-fouet. Moi-même j'ai retrouvé le chemin de la mine.

Il y a de nombreux accidents ainsi que des blessés. Dillon nous exhorte. Sans lui, je pense que nous serions tous au plus bas. Il ne cesse de nous répéter que l'Empereur nous chérit au sein de ses quatre bras et qu'il nous apportera la félicité.

Le cerveau, je n'arrive plus à dormir. Il est là en permanence au coin de mon regard. Depuis que j'ai rejoint les équipes de mineurs, j'entends moi aussi les grattements. Dillon sait trouver les mots qui me rassure.

Les prisonniers se sont échappés durant une nuit alors que nous travaillions. Ils sont parti en hurlant dans les galeries et s'y sont entre tués. Nous avons retrouvé leurs corps, la plupart avait le crâne éclaté.

Dillon avait raison, l'Empereur nous a sourit, nous avons trouvé par hasard une grande quantité de minéraux déjà arrachée du filon, il n'y avait qu'a le ramasser. J'ai rapidement fait taire les quelques rumeurs disant que les blocs de quartz portaient des marques de griffures, comme s'ils avaient été arrachés des parois.

J'ai fini par accepter l'invitation pour visiter les galeries les plus profondes. Ce fut un voyage très enrichissant. Je ne fais plus de cauchemars.

Suite à toutes ces péripéties, nous avons malgré tout presque atteint notre objectif. Cependant, cela nous a coûté énormément. Je joint une demande officielle pour l'affectation d'au moins trois nouvelles équipes. Et si possible des équipes féminines, nous avons constaté qu'elle semblait beaucoup moins sensible aux cauchemars.

Production finale de la semaine : 31 tonnes de quartz / 5 tonnes d'or

Contremaître Clemens

Que l'Empereur vous étreigne dans Ses Bras.

******* Fin de transmission *******

mercredi 18 juillet 2018

CDA CPC WH40K - Children of the Deep - Background - Episode 3

******* Beginning of transmission *******

Report from Quartz Mining Exploitation 133 Drusus Mine Hive Primus Week 44

Production report and Alert on the situaton.

Following our good results of the past weeks and our recent discoveries, the Administratum decided, despite my warnings, to increase our weekly production to 30 tons of quartz and to index our bonuses on the exploitation of veins Golden.

My warnings are mainly about human resources affected by the Exploitation 133. We have lost several people during the last weeks, the morale remains low and we are chronically lacking sleep. So here I am officially asking for the allocation of new resources to at least complete the teams and if possible get a new full team. We had to merge the Delta and Beta teams to allow continuous mining of the veins.

The first day, despite all our efforts, the production quota was not reached. There were several accidents related to fatigue and drunkenness. I ordered a thorough search of the workers quarters to confiscate all alcoholic beverages. We also grabbed a small amount of Obscura. Obviously, some workers are really trying to do anything to stop dreaming.

The second day, our production is still below the thresholds. The preachers ordered several whipping sessions to motivate the workers. I am not convinced of the result. My own dreams obsess me, I do not have the energy to fight.

On the third day, the preachers closely supervised the production, we managed to reach the quota but I fear that it cost a lot in terms of the morale and trust of the workers. The Delta / Beta team has been seen spending a lot of their free time in galleries related to the Sanguinus Cavity.

On the fourth day, production was catastrophic. Alpha and Gamma workers refused to work despite the threats. The preachers wanted to shot some workers for the example but I opposed this solution. I suggested instead to spend the day exploring the galleries by promising a reward for any interesting discovery. During this exploration, the preachers Aaron and Dillon got lost. Strangely, it has boosted the morale of many of the workers.

On the fifth day, despite dreams more and more difficult to bear, the workers worked hard and were able to exceed the daily goals. I do not think we will keep our weekly goal but we will have done our best. The preacher Dillon was found in a gallery, unconscious. He has no mark of physical injury except for some sort of sting under the armpit. The psychological support team has arrived to study our chronic dream problems. They do not inspire me trust.

On the sixth day, I begin to understand those who take refuge in drugs. The image of this throbbing brain obsesses me and haunts me. Psychologists have started their talks with the workers. It breaks productivity and the drugs they distribute turn workers into moley and unwilling things. Preacher Dillon woke up, he is full of energy that he shares through very inspiring sermons.

On the seventh day, between the drug workers and those galvanized by Dillon, we still managed to have a correct production. The psychologists finally left leaving us a stock of medicine. Still no trace of Aaron.

I am exhausted, I hardly sleep anymore and I refuse to take medicine, I do not want to disappear in a chemical mist. I go every day to listen to Dillon. It helps me. I was invited for an exploration session by the Delta / Beta team. I think I will accept. It will change my mind.

Our results are below those requested and we will not be able to do better without additional human resources. The workers are exhausted or drugged, at this rate I foresee a collapse of production within two weeks.

Final production of the week: 22 tons of quartz / 3 tons of gold

Foreman Clemens

May the light of the Emperor keep you.
******* End of transmission *******

******* Début de transmission *******
Rapport d’exploitation du filon de quartz 133 Mine Drusus Ruche Primus Semaine 42

Bilan de production et Alerte sur la situaton.

Suite à nos bons résultats des semaines passés et nos récentes découverte, l'Administratum a décidé, en dépit de mes mises en garde, d'augmenter notre production hebdomadaire à 30 tonnes de quartz et d'indexer nos bonus sur l'exploitation des filons d'or.

Mes mises en gardes concernent principalement les ressources humains affectées au filon 133. Nous avons perdu plusieurs personnes durant les dernières semaines, le moral reste bas et nous manquons chroniquement de sommeil.

Je fais donc ici officiellement la demande d'affectation de nouvelles ressources pour au moins compléter les équipes et si possible obtenir une nouvelle équipe complète. Nous avons du fusionner les équipes Delta et Beta pour permettre l'exploitation des filons en continue.

Le premier jour, malgré tous nos efforts, le quota de production n'a pas été atteint. Il y a eu plusieurs accidents lié à la fatigue et à l'ivresse. J'ai ordonné une fouille complète des quartiers des ouvriers pour confisqur toutes les boissons alcoolisées. Nous avons aussi saisie de petite quantité d'Obscura. Visiblement, certains ouvriers essaient vraiment par tout les moyens de faire cesser les rêves.

Le deuxième jour, notre production est encore resté en dessous des seuils. Les prêcheurs ont ordonnés plusieurs séances de flagellation pour remonter le moral. Je ne suis pas convaincu du résultat. Mes propres rêves m'obsèdent, je n'ai pas l'énergie pour lutter.

Le troisième jour, les prêcheurs ont encadré de près la production, nous avons réussis à atteindre le quota mais je crains que cela n'ai coûté beaucoup au niveau du moral et de la confiance des ouvriers. L'équipe Delta/Beta a été vu passant beaucoup de temps de leur temps libre dans les galeries connexes à la cavité Sanguinus.

Le quatrième jour, la production a été catastrophique. Les ouvriers des équipes Alpha et Gamma ont refusé de travailler malgré les menaces. Les prêcheurs ont voulu en faire exécuter pour l'exemple mais je me suis opposé à cette solution. J'ai proposé à la place de passer à la journée à explorer les galeries en promettant une récompense pour toute découverte intéressante. Durant cet exploration, les prêcheur Aaron et Dillon se sont perdus. Étrangement cela a remonté le moral d'une bonne partie des ouvriers.

Le cinquième jour, malgré des rêves de plus en plus difficile à supporter, les ouvriers ont travaillé avec coeur et ont pu dépasser les objectifs quotidien. Je ne pense pas que nous tiendrons notre objectif hebdomadaire mais nous aurons fait de notre mieux. Le prêcheur Dillon a été retrouvé dans une galerie, inconscient. Il n'a aucune marque de blessure physique à l'exception d'une sorte de piqûre sous l'aisselle. L'équipe de soutien psychologique est arriver pour étudier nos problèmes de rêves chroniques. Ils ne m'inspirent pas confiance.

Le sixième jour, je commence à comprendre ceux qui se sont réfugier dans la drogue. L'image de ce cerveau palpitant m'obsède et me hante. Les psychologues ont commencé leurs entretiens avec les ouvriers. Cela casse la productivité et les médicaments qu'ils distribuent transforme les ouvriers en choses moles et sans volonté. Le prêcheur Dillon s'est réveillé, il est plein d'énergie qu'il partage à travers des sermons très inspirant.

Le septième jour, entre les ouvriers sous médicaments et ceux galvanisés par Dillon, nous avons réussi malgré tout à avoir une production correcte. Les psychologues sont finalement partis en nous laissant un stock de médicament. Toujours aucune trace d'Aaron.

Je suis à bout, je ne dors presque plus et je refuse de prendre les médicaments, je n'ai pas envide de disparaître dans une brume chimique. Je me rend tout les jours écouter Dillon. Cela m'aide. J'ai été invité pour une séance d'exploration par l'équipe Delta/Beta. Je pense accepter cela me changera les idées.

Nos résultats sont en dessous de ceux demandé et nous ne pourrons pas faire mieux sans ressources humaines supplémentaires. Les ouvriers sont épuisés ou drogués, à ce rythme je prévois un effondrement de la production d'ici deux semaines.
Production finale de la semaine : 22 tonnes de quartz / 3 tonne d'or

Contremaître Clemens

Que la lumière de l’Empereur vous garde

******* Fin de transmission *******

mercredi 11 juillet 2018

CDA CPC WH40K - Children of the Deep - Background - Episode 2

******* Beginning of transmission *******

Report from Quartz Mining Exploitation 133 Drusus Mine Hive Primus Week 43

Production report and request for expertise.

The production objectives for the week were twenty tons of quartz. The rest of the Beta team being finished, they were able to return to work despite a reduced number of workers. The teams Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma took turns nonstop to allow this level of production.

Following the excellent productivity of the past week, the discovery of the gold vein and to compensate for the tragic events of the last week, an extra ration of brandy was distributed to all workers. As a security measure, I asked the preachers to include in the sermon a warning about drunkenness at work.

The first day, production quotas could be held without worries. The Beta team was instructed to explore the ducts around the new cavity that we decided to named Sanguinius in memory of the great hero of the Imperium. They mapped several tracks to new veins.

The second day, despite production quotas once again reached. Three Delta workers had to be whipped for working under the influence of alcohol. Explorations of the Beta team revealed a whole gallery network under the Sanguinius cavity.

On the third day, we were a little behind the daily quotas but nothing irrattrapable. An accident occurred with the Gamma team, a man had a fatal fall in a well, he carried with him invaluable tools that led to a rescue operation. For information, the victim, the worker Gregor, was the one who had discovered the Sanguinius cavity. May the Emperor welcome him by his side.

On the fourth day, we were able to catch up with the previous day. The autopsy report of the worker Gregor indicates that it was not the fall that killed him but an aneurysm rupture. Experts believe that is what caused the fall of this experienced worker.

On the fifth day, production quotas are achieved despite low productivity from the Delta team. Many workers on this team complain of nightmares and anxieties. Two explorers from the Beta team have not returned from their daily exploration. Their last report indicated that they had sunk deep into the network under the cavity.

On the sixth day, the epidemic of nightmares seems to spread to other teams. Strangely it is always the same dream that seems to come back. An imposing brain, pulsating in the darkness and murmuring. Preachers have doubled prayers and sermons to strengthen the faith of the workers and their souls. The two missing Beta team returned safe and sound except for their exploration equipment. A deduction from their wage was made to reimburse the lost equipment.

On the seventh day, it was with great difficulty that we were able to reach the daily quota but with the Emperor's Grace it was enough to reach the weekly quota. Three workers from the Delta team tried to leave their post and flee the mine, they had to be shot down by the security forces. An investigation is underway to understand the reason for their actions.

I also started having nightmares. I saw the brains they talk about and I understand their terror now. I attached a support form to this report. I do not think it's natural.

Final production of the week: 20 tons of quartz / 2 tons of gold

Foreman Clemens

May the light of the Emperor keep you

******* End of transmission *******

******* Début de transmission *******
Rapport d’exploitation du filon de quartz 133 Mine Drusus Ruche Primus Semaine 43

Bilan de production et demande d'expertise.

Les objectifs de production de la semaine étaient de vingt tonnes de quartz. Le repos de l'équipe Béta étant terminés, ils ont pu reprendre le travail malgré un effectif réduit de moitiés. Les équipes Alpha, Béta, Delta et Gamma se sont relayées non-stop pour permettre ce niveau de production. 

Suite à l'excellente productivité de la semaine passée, la découverte du filon d'or et pour compenser les événements tragique de la dernière semaine, une ration supplémentaire d'eau de vie a été distribuée à l'ensemble des ouvriers. Par mesure de sécurité, j'ai demandé aux prêcheurs d'inclure dans le sermon une mise en garde vis à vis de l'ébriété au travail.

Le premier jour, les quotas de productions ont pu être tenu sans soucis. L'équipe Béta a été chargée d'explorer les conduits autour de la nouvelle cavité que nous avons décidé de nommé Sanguinius en mémoire du grand héros de l'Imperium. Ils ont cartographié plusieurs pistes vers de nouveaux filons.

Le second jour, malgré des quotas de productions encore une fois atteint. Trois ouvriers de l'équipe Delta ont du être fouetté pour avoir travaillé sous l'emprise de l'alcool. Les explorations de l'équipe Béta ont révélé tout un réseau de galerie sous la cavité Sanguinius.

Le troisième jour, nous avons pris un peu de retard sur les quotas journalier mais rien d’irrattrapable. Un accident a eu lieu avec l'équipe Gamma, un homme a effectué une chute mortelle dans un puits, il portait sur lui des outils inestimables qui ont du donner lieu à une opération de sauvetage. Pour information, la victime, l'ouvrier Gregor, était celui qui avait découvert la cavité Sanguinius. Que l'Empereur l’accueille à ses côtés.

Le quatrième jour, nous avons pu rattraper le retard de la veille. Le rapport d'autopsie de l'ouvrier Gregor indique que ce n'est pas la chute qui l'a tué mais une rupture d'anévrisme. Les experts pensent que c'est ce qui a provoqué la chute de cet ouvrier expérimenté. 

Le cinquième jour, les quotas de productions sont atteint malgré une faible productivité de la part de l'équipe Delta. De nombreux ouvriers de cette équipe se plaignent de cauchemars et d'angoisses. Deux explorateurs de l'équipe Béta ne sont pas revenus de leur exploration quotidienne. Leur dernier rapport indiquait qu'ils s'étaient enfoncés très profondément dans le réseaux sous la cavité.

Le sixième jour, l'épidémie de cauchemars semblent s'étendre aux autres équipes. Étrangement il s'agit toujours du même rêve qui semble revenir. Un cerveau imposant, pulsant dans les ténèbres et les murmures. Les prêcheurs ont doublé les prières et les sermons pour renforcer la foi des travailleurs et leur âme. Les deux disparus de l'équipe Béta sont revenus sains et saufs à l'exception de leur matériel d'exploration. Une retenue sur leur solde a été effectué pour rembourser l'équipement perdu.

Le septième jour, c'est avec grande difficulté que nous avons pu atteindre le quota journalier mais avec la grâce de l'Empereur cela a suffit pour atteindre le quota hebdomadaire. Trois ouvriers de l'équipe Delta ont cherché à quitter leur poste et à fuir la mine, ils ont du être abattus par les forces de sécurité. Une enquête est en cours pour comprendre la raison de leur geste. 

J'ai aussi commencé à faire des cauchemars. J'ai vu le cerveau dont ils parlent et je comprend leur terreur maintenant. J'ai joint à ce rapport un formulaire d'assistance. Je ne pense pas que cela soit naturel.

Production finale de la semaine : 20 tonnes de quartz / 2 tonnes d'or

Contremaître Clemens

Que la lumière de l’Empereur vous garde

******* Fin de transmission *******

mercredi 4 juillet 2018

CDA CPC WH40K - Children of the Deep - Background - Episode 1

******* Beginning of transmission *******

Quartz Mining Exploitation Report 133 Drusus Mine Hive Primus Week 42

Production report and account of unusual activities.

The production objectives for the week were fifteen tons of quartz. The Alpha, Delta and Gamma teams took turns nonstop to allow this level of production. The Beta team was resting after the collapse of a gallery in week 41.

During the first days, production quotas were largely exceeded with very high purity ore. All of our production curves were green and provided 150% production over the week.

On the fourth day, as the Gamma team was drilling a new gallery, they emerged on a natural cavity filled with quartz and gold. All our efforts went into the exploitation of these new veins.

On the fifth day after a very good start of the day, the Delta team suddenly stopped working, claiming the presence of pests in their area. After investigation, no trace of the pests in question was found. Each member of the Delta team received twenty lashes for wasting time of Imperium’s agents, for having delayed production and for their lack of faith in the Holy Emperor of Humanity.

The sixth day of production did not start with a good return. The morale of the teams had suffered from the events of the day before. The workers complained of hearing noises of crying and scratching. After dispatching preachers accompanied by Whipguards, the yield returned to a satisfactory level. At the end of the day, however, two Alpha workers were reported missing.

The production of the seventh day was according to the expectations thanks to the same dispositions as that taken the day before. A search team of mine security forces was deployed to find the two lost workers.
It was only late in the evening that they were found. The report of the security forces indicates that in a bout of madness the worker Boggs smashed the skull of the worker Raines with a stone. The worker Boggs was found delusional in a corridor, covered with blood and had to be shot.

Without questioning the conclusions of the experts, I do not understand why a man with a Mark 3 pneumatic ax used a stone to kill another man. In the same way, after seeing the pix of the body of the worker Raines, I do not understand how stoning can give the impression that the skull explodes from within. However, my faith in the agents of the Imperium being absolute, I trust their conclusion and attach their report to this account.

Final production of the week: 20 Tons of quartz / One ton of gold

Foreman Clemens

May the light of the Emperor keep you.
******* End of transmission *******

******* Début de transmission *******
Rapport d’exploitation du filon de quartz 133 Mine Drusus Ruche Primus Semaine 42

Bilan de production et signalement d’activités inhabituelles.

Les objectifs de production de la semaine étaient de quinze tonnes de quartz. Les équipes Alpha, Delta et Gamma se sont relayées non-stop pour permettre ce niveau de production. L’équipe Béta était de repos suite à l’effondrement d’une galerie en semaine 41.

Durant les premiers jours, les quotas de production étaient largement dépassés avec un minerai d’une très grande pureté. Toutes nos courbes de production étaient au vert et prévoyaient une production de 150% sur la semaine.

Le quatrième jour, alors que l’équipe Gamma était en train de percer une nouvelle galerie, elle déboucha sur une cavité naturelle regorgeant de quartz et d’or.  Tous nos efforts allèrent dans l’exploitation de ces nouveaux filons.

Le cinquième jour après un très bon début de journée, l’équipe Delta cessa soudainement de travailler prétextant la présence de nuisibles dans leur secteur.  Après investigation, aucune trace des nuisibles en question fut constatée. Chaque membre de l’équipe Delta reçu vingt coup de fouets pour avoir fait perdre son temps à des agents de l’Imperium, pour avoir fait prendre du retard à la production et pour leur manque de foi en le Très Saint Empereur de l’Humanité.

Le sixième jour de production ne commença pas avec un bon rendement. Le moral des équipes avait souffert des évènements de la veille.  Les ouvriers se plaignaient d’entendre des bruits de pleurs et de grattements. Après avoir dépêché des prêcheurs accompagnés de Porte-fouet, le rendement retrouva un niveau satisfaisant. Cependant à la fin de la journée, deux ouvriers de l’équipe Alpha furent portés disparus.

La production du septième jour fut conforme aux attentes grâce aux mêmes dispositions que celle prises la veille. Une équipe de recherche de forces de sécurités de la mine fut déployée pour retrouver les deux ouvriers perdus.
Ce n’est que tard dans la soirée qu’ils furent retrouvés.  Le rapport des forces de sécurités indique que dans un accès de folie l’ouvrier Boggs a défoncé le crâne de l’ouvrier Raines avec une pierre. L’ouvrier Boggs a été retrouvé délirant dans un corridor, recouvert de sang et a dû être abattu.

Sans vouloir remettre en cause les conclusions des experts, je ne comprends pas pourquoi un homme équipé d’un piolet pneumatique Mark 3 s’est servi d’une pierre pour tuer un autre homme. De la même façon, après avoir vu les pix du corps de l’ouvrier Raines, je ne comprends pas comment des coups de pierre peuvent donner l’impression que le crâne à exploser de l’intérieur. Cependant, ma foi en les agents de l’Imperium étant absolue,  je fais confiance à leur conclusion et joint leur rapport à ce compte rendu.

Production finale de la semaine : 20 tonnes de quartz / 1 tonne d'or

Contremaître Clemens

Que la lumière de l’Empereur vous garde

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